i am creating a web application with multi-lingual interface ,actually its my project to help our country farmer .The main goal of this project is to make them updated with day-to-day happening

we planned to have forums and ads module in our website which is updated by user of different language .In this case the multi-lingual interface seems to be bit challenging .i am joomla CMS which made it simpler to organize the static content.can you give me your suggestions to implement multi-lingual
interface in forums and ads.Right now we planned to have only tamil and english in our site ,later we will extend that to different language as possible.

One more challenge that lies here is users,in this case the end users are farmers and its our duty to make the application as simple as possible,so we need your suggestion and helps

I know its not better to ask this question here......i dont know any other active forum like this... you can have a look at partially constucted
web application here. AgriFriend - Home please dont post anything on that site....