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Problem burning CD's/DVD.

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    Default Problem burning CD's/DVD.

    I use Ashampoo cd/dvd burner. Whenever i try to burn any data through Ashampoo my CD/DVD rom always hangs. Like i add files for burning in the software, select the writing speed etc, when it reads a empty CD or DVD, my CD/DVD rom hangs, cd tray doesnt open until i restart the system. I can burn CD through the OS utility when i directly copy my data to the CD/DVD ram drive on My Computer, but the CD quality isnt good enough, sometimes the rom doesnt read data from CD burnt through windows utitlity.

    What could be problem, i want burn some important data from my computer and install a fresh windows.

    If i format my computer completely is a chance to backup my data?

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    1) ashampoo cv/dvd burner works perfectly fine with me

    2) when cd/dvd s are not detected properly by roms , the rom keeps on trying to read it unless you eject it. and sometimes the eject also doesnt works. this happens for two reasons:
    a. the cd/dvd rom may be defective - lens cleaning may be needed
    b. the blank media may be defective

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    Have u tried alternative softwares like Nero? If the same is happening with that software too, it high time u get the drive checked.

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    Your DVD drive may have gone faulty OR the brand of medium you are using does not support the speed you're writing at.

    Try ImgBurn. There you're shown valid speeds for current inserted medium in the Log.

    BTW I faced the same problem with roxio emc. I insert the disc and burn it every thing freezes, cant open dvd drive tray, cant even end roxio from task manager, only way out was to hit the restart button. At least the blank media were saved. Then uninstalled it forever. It was the software's fault in my case.
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