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sry 4 noob question.

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    Default sry 4 noob question.

    Hi guys i have 3 original windows XP CDs.
    They all r diff.
    1 is Bronze in color.
    1 is sliver and just came in a plastic bag with sticker and all.
    1 is silver and came in a green case with an instruction book with another instruction CD and sticker.

    I CAN NOT activate my OS using the first 2 CD's, but i can install it. I can activate it with 3rd CD.

    When i use first 2, it says windows has been activated and asks for a reboot. When i do that, it says PLZ activate ur OS.

    I called up M$, they said they do not guarntee any of their stuff, they cant help me. I hope u all can.

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    well if the 3rd one is working then wats the problem ?

    I beleive the first 2 could be OEM cds, which explains why it was automatically installed , so If thats the case it will work only with the system with which you got it.

    See if anything has a hologram kinda sticker

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    ya it came with that kind of sticker.

    Now can i install the 3rd kind of CD with the Key of the other 2 ???

    all 3 comps are not branded.
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    I didn't understand ur problem properly

    Do u mean to say,

    cds 1,2 --> Able to install , but not able to activate
    cd 3 --> Not able to install, but able to activate the installation of CDs 1,2
    if not as above please tell me ur what ur exact problem is..

    these links maybe of help to you...

    Unlocking WinXP's setupp.ini
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    sry 4 the confusion.

    I will try to explain better now.
    CD 1&2- i can install but not activate
    CD 3- works perfect.

    I have installed the OS using CD3 and its key on 1 comp.
    I want to install the OS using CD3 with product key of other 2 CD on other comps.

    As u said that they are OEMs and CD3 must be retail,will the key work ???
    If not, are the CD's 1 & 2 a waste ?

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    Using the above the links in my previous post, but it will be waste because they will fail activation due to the OEM/Retail version difference.

    In essence, the OEM version works only THE compu for which it was meant to be, so its pretty much useless on other computers.

    If are willing to take the risk , u can install the same CD key of 3rd CD since MS will allow atleast 2-3 different re-activations on retail version. But don't take my word for it, since you are goin to use both the computers (XP's) simultaneously .

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