Well windows users are always envious with Mac users or some time who know about linux users with them because XP/7/vista take forever to boot in comparison to them. Mac or linux take less time because they don't initialise all drivers and services at once as NT based OS does. Some time Linux can be booted within 20 second ( I believe ten is possible but I have never measured it with clock). But now windows users too can enjoy faster booting using these instant OS which run under windows:
1.Phoenix Technologies HyperSpace
2.Xandros 's Presto
3.Device VM Splash top
4.MSI's Winki.
They all work in same way by as linux ( in fact they are linux but having interface like XP/Mac and much easier installation. Also boot and use it twice to get it familiar with your architecture). They will give you net and office within 20 seconds.
Now some tips:
1.Bios update
2. Defragmentation.
3.Cleaning windows registry & doing what http://www.indiabroadband.net/window...-faster-2.html
4.Delete temporary files and recycle bins.
5.Tune XP.