The Taskbar is a region of a desktop which has great significance as far as a common computer user is concerned. As those already using Windows 7 might be knowing, the taskbar of Windows 7 gives a preview of the program window corresponding to the region where the mouse cursor is brought to (hovered to). But, Microsoft doesn't provide users with any option to customize the thumbnail previewing of the program windows. A user cannot adjust the size or appearance of the thumbnail previews.

There might be many users who prefer to have a smaller preview of the program window upon bringing your cursor over the icon of the program in the taskbar. Many aged users might find it difficult to adjust with the small pop-up thumbnails. It is then that the need of a program like Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer comes into play.

Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer is an executable application which is available for free and doesn't require any installation to start customizing your Windows 7 taskbar thumbnails. Users can make several adjustments with the program, from setting the minimum and maximum size for the thumbnail, X and Y spacing, different margins, and the delay time for the appearance of the thumbnail. After adjusting the settings to your need, just click 'Apply Settings', to get the thumbnails to look the way you want.

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