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Not able to play video file

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    Unhappy Not able to play video file

    Hello there everyone, i am facing a very weird problem!!!!! I have downloaded a video file and i am not able to play it!!!! It may sound very usual problem to you people but the main problem is something else!!!!
    Actually, when i double-click on it nothing happens, even the player window don't pop up, so i tried to convert its format but the converter software said that it can't load the file because the file name is too long!!!!! So' i tried to change or edit its long name but wen i right-clicked on its icon there is no option for renaming it!!!!! Then i burned it on a disc n changed its name while adding it to Nero, the burning took place but even Nero gave warnings that the file name is too long or have weird extensions!!!!!
    By default its extension is ".AVI", so i am not able to figure out what the hell is wrong with the file, please help me because that video file is very useful for my project research!!!!! I will be very thankful to you all.

    Thank You in advance.

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    convert your file using format factory maybe that helps..
    job takes the child away.

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    Did you try to play it with VLC?

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    Download K-lite codec pack and install.
    Then play this file in either Windows Media player or Windows classic media player.
    If you can tell us the name of the video one of us can d/l the same and find out what is wrong with it.

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    If the above mentioned methods by mickey, itsmemad and pshrinivasan dosen't work, it simply means that your file is corrupted. You can also check its MD5 to check its integrity.

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    I think the file you download is corrupt. How to check ?

    1. Try to run it using VLC player.

    2. Try converting using format factory.

    If both fail, it is a problem of the file you have.

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