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NERO DMA manager problem!!!!!!! Please help anybody......!!!!

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    Unhappy NERO DMA manager problem!!!!!!! Please help anybody......!!!!

    Hello forum members, i am facing a very weird problem. Today when i started to burn a disc through NERO it showed me a message as

    "This application has detected that your drive is not in DMA (direct memory access) mode. To improve your system performance we suggest you to enable DMA for all drives. Do you wish to run Nero DMA Manager for enable DMA mode right now?"

    It has two options below it, first is "OK" and second is "CANCEL". When i clicked ok a window popped up showing DMA Manager, i ticked in front of it and again clicked ok. It said to restart the PC which i did. After restarting it again had the same problem!!!!!!! I am very tensed over it as i need to burn 3 DVDs today itself because my hard disc is just 40 GBs. So please members, help me in this problem!!!!!

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    1.device manager>atapi cotrollers>select your ide channel(your drive connector) >properties>advanced settings>dma if available
    better is you do it for all the channels

    2.go to bios>advanced>enable DMA

    3.sometimes drives have special jumper settings for DMA
    so check your drive manual

    4.if your drive is pata and you are using a 40 pin 40 conductor ide cable, buy a 40 pin 80 conductor cable.
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    Yes same problem comes many time while using old vers of nero...But I recommend you to use latest ver of nero[It might solve ur problem] has auto DMA manger which automatically enables your DMA..

    Well Im also agree with Suvo's Answer

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