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Thread: BitTorrent disappear in windows 7

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    Default BitTorrent disappear in windows 7


    Can anyone help me about BitTorrent.
    When i install BitTorrent-7.5 or BitTorrent-7.6 in my laptop (windows 7) it install properly. but When I try to download anything from BitTorrent it starts but with in 10 seconds it disapper automatic.

    Again i double click on the BitTorrent icon it starts and disapper again.
    with this my internet explorer reset automatic.
    I try this with google crome & monzila it happen same thing.

    Can any one advice me the solution of my above problem.

    Before 10 days it works good.
    I am using Tata docomo prepaid GPRS in huawai data card.

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    It seems you have a software error. Try uninstalling Bittorrent and check if same happens with other torrent clients like utorrent.

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    I completely un install bittorrent and delete all the temp files. after that i install utorranto but the same problem happen.

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    check your firewall

    check also if you have many applications running in background which you dont want.. kill some of those applications using task manager
    job takes the child away.

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