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Microsoft's new fitness tracker, Band 2 is ready to launch.

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    Default Microsoft's new fitness tracker, Band 2 is ready to launch.

    Microsoft is ready with their new version of its wearable fitness tracker called Microsoft Band. It will run on Windows 10 the latest OS. The new device will enable users to effectively monitor their fitness and exercise regime. The device will be available shortly and the expected price is around $250.

    Unlike its previous version it got a curved display with a barometer sensor to track elevation. Along with a heart rate monitor and on board GPS, it can track calories burned, intense exercise and sleep quality and even record floors climbed. Microsoft Health is available as a universal Windows application for both Android and iOS.

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    Being able to track and analyze the quality of your sleep with the new fitness tracker, will be a very efficient and helpful tool. I found that the heart rate monitor is continuous and also keeps track during sleep. Achieving better health is more attainable with devices like fitness trackers, and paying close to $250 is a pretty reasonable deal. You can pre-order online now for either Best Buy or the Microsoft Store.

    The Band is versatile and able to be used with multiple phone types. That is ideal, instead of only being able to use the device with a Windows Phone.

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    These type of devices seem to be all the rage at the moment, but personally I'm not sure I'd get much use out of it.

    If your a gym enthusiast, or take regular exercise and need to monitor your health then these are ideal though and I can see the appeal.

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