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Does youtele delibrately disconnects itself for few minutes?

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    Default Does youtele delibrately disconnects itself for few minutes?

    I've UN650 unlimited dynamic ip plan.
    I was having UN450 unlimited plan with static ip,n last month i changed my plan 2 un650, but they told me that now they would not give static ip & i've to use a dialer.

    I experience that after few hours of d/l, it disconnects only 2 green lights of modem r on and the orange light stops flickering, then after 3/4 minutes the other green lights r on and the orange light starts flickering & d/l starts.

    Is it happening delibrately to prevent packet loss or wastage of bandwidth especially by unlimited users?

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    Angry Same problem here...

    Can any one know why this is happning..??

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    Default Issue with YOU Broadband

    This situation more often in my area as well. The only reason I call YOU Customer care is for this reason and always they have the same answer "There is a shortage in your area and technicians are working on it. The estimated up time is ...." This estimated time varies from one hour to 12 hours.

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    Default there must be RF issue

    this is due to poor signal/ internal damage in the cable in ur locality/street
    i can suggest u to solve the issue if u can share the signal streangth of ur modem with me

    how to see the signal to the modem

    shared/rented modem

    assing ip address to ur LAN as depends on cust on the shred modem else simply use as IP address, subb net , and gate way
    and open ur browser and type the ip gateway in addressbar as192.168.100.1 and press enter, this will open modem home page
    there u will be able to see the signal as upstream/ downlstream power leval

    basicaly the upstream power should be 35db to 50db +/- 5db, and downstream power 0db +/- 5db (pluse or minius)
    upsteam UP < 35or > 55 will cause in restarting the modem and
    downstream DW< -5 like -10 or -15 will cause slow speed / unable to browse
    and even DW > 10db or 15db will cause to unable to browse

    and provide me even the ip adress of the modem (in the same homepage )

    then i can tell u with that report

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    Talking problem due to packet loss

    i have you broadband(ahmedabad) and only once every two days the router disconnects and reconnects within half a minute(automatic dialer) i think due to packet loss of other problems this may be happening to you. i suggest you go and tell them to provide a better cabling or as in my case ask for hub to be installed(i have one in back of my room) never had any issue regarding speed or down time(my pc is usually on for about 2-3 weeks at a stretch hence no probs )

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