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You Broadband - False promises/Wrong commitment

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    Thumbs down You Broadband - False promises/Wrong commitment

    Chennai Service area:
    I ordered an appealing package in You Broadband "Hurricane - 12 mbps utpo 80GB/3months, then Unlimited 1 mbps" through the Customer care and furnished the details/proof to the representative on Saturday. Was promised that the installation would be done on the following Monday, 19-Sept-2011 by 11am. Nobody arrived till 11am; I called up the customer care. They said they will check and come back. Called up the Rep he too said he will check and get back in 30mins. I clearly conveyed to him that I am on 1/2 day leave to get this done. hmmmm....

    Thankfully a Technician came and placed the modem and told that the other will come and connect it. :-)
    Wow, Modem without a cable connection... way to go.

    Then in 30mins a team of 2 people came and drew a line to the balcony and connected to the modem and told that I will receive a username password by evening and then I need to call the tech support guy to configure the Router. NICE... Looking good.

    But till 9:30pm today nobody has come, No SMS, No Phone. Still waiting for them. I called up the tech support guy at 7pm; He told me that since I have not got the SMS yet, it will happen tomorrow only.

    Very bad for a first impression. Now I know why this ISP is not in the list of reviews.

    Letís Wait and see.

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    Sometimes they provides us wrong commitment to leave conversation with us.I was given wrong commitment and I recorded it on my phone.I send it to the senior officer of Youbroadband and they provide me the best solution.

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