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    Default HURRICANE YOU plan

    whats the review of HURRICANE YOU plan of 12mbps anyone ? also whats the pings on it & what download speed il get on it does it good for online gaming?

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    I have it at my office and home...very happy with the same...getting DL speed of 1.2 mbps on consistent basis. After 25gb is over, gets 125 KBps as connection falls to 1mbps as per plan. Both the speeds are as they should be...very happy with the same...but, i have heard YOU differs from area to cannot say you will get the same performance...but worth trying.

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    Even I have the hurricane plan at my house. The speeds are very good as it should be...
    As a gamer i would prefer to get a unlimited plan but this is the best i could get for an amazingly cheap price. The Ping and speed also differs while using an ethernet cable and a wifi router. I constantly play fames online and the 25gb gets over very fast because call of duty hogs up a lot of bandwidth and download.
    The plan is still good and I hope You makes an unlimited 12mbps plan for Rs. 2000/-

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