Hey there I'm writing this from Kothrud,Pune.
I recently called up you broadband simply for an inquiry on their plans and stated that it was just an inquiry. 10 minutes later a sales rep was constantly calling me and said he was coming over to my house to follow up on the inquiry. Within 3 hours he was home,and I decided to take the broadband connection,and he asked for the cash up front,and he gave me a receipt,all standard procedure yea...
But then when I asked him when my connection would be done,he proudly said the company says within 7 days,but it usually happens within 3 days. This was on a tuesday. I waited till friday,and I called up the sales rep,and he said "yea your connection will be done today for sure". Nothing happened till evening,when I called him up again,and he said "sorry sir,today isn't possible,it'll happen tomorrow for sure. I called him up the next day in the morning,the answer was the same,"Yes sir the connection will definitely happen today",but the result in the evening was the same,and in the evening when I called him up he said sorry sir,but the connection will definitely happen on monday,by 3.
Come monday,his positivity was the same in the morning,and he told me the connection would now happen by 5,but 5 came and went and not one single technician now the sales rep called me or came to my house. I called him at 5:30,and then he started doing something amazing; Cutting my calls!!
he cut 7 of my calls continuously,and when I sent him a message if he didn't pick up my call I would complain to the company about him,he actually sent me the call centre's number so I could complain!
This obviously pissed me off even now,and I called the call centre,and logged a complaint,and they said it would be solved within 24 hours. It's tuesday again,the complaint hasn't been solved by the company or the damn sales rep,I called the zonal office and they said they would send a team in an hour to my house to fix the issue,and nobody has come. I've logged two complaints about the issue with the company,and still nobody has gotten back to me about it,and the sales rep still isn't picking up my calls,inspite of me sending him numerous text messages.
So now I have to go to the zonal office tomorrow and demand a refund,and even if they do manage to start my connection tomorrow, I doubt I will take it,considering the disgusting way my account has been handled.
Also the sales rep's name is Kishor Khilare,so watch out for him.