Here is the my worst experience with YOU Broadband.

Sales executive from YOU broadband met me on 28-Nov-2011, he explained me about few plans. I opted for YOU TRANSFORMER-1 40 GB 1 Plan (10MBPS-30Days-936 rupees). Sales executive told me that if I opt for that plan, I need to pay 936+500 (for installation)+600(Modem charges-refundable) (total: 2036/-).

He suggested me to take NEW EXTREME (256KBPS-3Months-1125/-). If I opt that plan I need to pay only 1125+600(Modem charges-refundable), total 1725/-. And he told, after installation and working for 2 days he asked me to call customer care for plan change/upgrade to my requested plan YOU TRANSFORMER-1 40 GB 1 Plan, so that I can save 500/-. He also said that the current balance amount in my existing plan will be moved to new plan.

I paid the amount 1725/- on 28-Nov-2011. I was told that I will get the installation on next day, 29-Nov-2011. No one turned up. I called sales person, local YOU office and customer care. Every time I call, I got the same reason that an engineer will reach me in 2 hours. At last on 30-Nov-2011, I got a response from local YOU office (over phone) that all engineers and sales people are busy in their monthly targets and they cant come now. Then, I wrote a mail to YOU Customer care and escalated the mail. On 01-Dec-2011 late in the evening some engineering came and installed (I should say, he is with excellent etiquette and politeness). My net started working from next day.

After 2 days, I called to Customer Care for plan change and they told I can change the plan but I don't get any balance, all my 1125./- will go in to YOU pockets again I need to pay 936. I continued with 256KBPS for that month.

I decide to loose the amount and to have 10MBPS plan. On 3-Jan-2011, I called Customer Care again to upgrade. Then they said that I cannot opt for 1 month plan, because as of now I am in 3 months. I have to take 3 months plans only not less than 3 months plan. I got irritated and I moved to new provider.

Sales team, Local Office Team, Customer care, Techincal Team are not in sync. Each team provide differnt answer for the same query.