I live in Surat, Gujarat. The area I live in, Parvat Patia, does not have wireline connection feasibility from Reliance.

BSNL, I did not enquire about properly. I need atleast 1 Mbps constant speed which none of its unlimited plans within 1500 Rs/- per month offers. ( Reliance does )

Tikona, an uncle running a computer center says is not good. Many members, here, on this forum as well are of similar opinion.

Then, from some 2 persons learnt that YOU Broadband provides quality service ( atleast for them, it has been good ).
Most of the plans listed on their website are costlier than similar plans from other providers.
The HURRICANE YOU UNLIMITED 12Mbps 25GB and thereafter 1Mbps for 1212 Rs/- per month seems good.
Wish to know your opininions/experiences/reviews. Please advise. Thanks.