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You Broadband- Worst Service - Buyer Beware

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    Default You Broadband- Worst Service - Buyer Beware


    I was a You Broadband Customer who opted for it's 12 MBPs plan.

    Since joining, I faced several problems:
    * Sales Rep who promised to solve my complaints, stopped picking up my phone after signup
    * Took 1 week to install after payment, post regular follow up by me
    * Speed was in between 1-6 mbps with high fluctuations
    * Time lag of 3-5 seconds for webpages to start loading
    * Downloads would restart midway.

    I have cancelled my plan within 10 days.

    My Advice: Buy at your own risk.


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    Good for you, i'm also on hte 12 Mbps hurricane plan. It doesn't work during the day, you get that speed only during night (after 6-7 PM) when their office-going/corporate customers switch off their computers. I'm also thinking of changing my ISP.

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