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YOU broadband plans

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    Default YOU broadband plans

    While choosing broadband connectivity there are various factors to be checked. There is an abundance of choice while comparing various broadband packages. Internet can be the most viable platform to search for the best broadband plan. Considering plan factors like offers and package, bandwidth, cost and contract details before finalizing a plan is a must. Most broadband service providers offer various packages; there is one for every user. There are beginners package that are easy to setup that are not expensive and come with great customer support. Also, there are exclusive plans for heavy users. Those who are looking for heavy downloads especially movies, songs, gaming software with high definition graphics have to look out for exclusive plans for heavy usage. Again business plans are different. Consumers who want exclusive web space, email addresses and security packages can opt for business broadband services. Mobile broadband is the latest addition in the pack. Irrespective of the location you can access the internet. This works with the help of a dongle that is inserted into the USB slot. This works in places where there is mobile phone coverage.

    There is no doubt that speed is one of the primary factors to consider while looking out for a broadband connectivity. The download speed is vital to conducting any business. To make your online experience conducive a speed of 2Mbps is well above board. If you are looking to share pictures and videos often and play high definition games then 8Mbps is more viable.

    YOU broadband can satisfy the needs for high speed data transfer, voice and video services via the internet. Founded in the year 2001 by British Gas it was initially known as Iqara Broadband. In the year 2006 the company became Citigroup Venture Capital International (CVCI). YOU broadband takes the credit for being the country’s first ISO accredited broadband service provider. It is categorized as class ‘A’ ISP service provider. YOU caters to residential, SME and corporate clients. YOU has covered 12 cities and is expected to establish presence in other cities as well. With over 1155kms of optic fibre cable and 4000 kms of coaxial cable network in various cities across India there is no compromise on service. So far the company has invested Rs 4 billion on broadband infrastructure alone in 12 cities (Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Vishakapatnam, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai). Motorola, Avvaya, Commscope, Cisco among others have joined hands with YOU broadband in their journey. In the next two years YOU plans to expand its talent pool to cater to more cities in India. YOU holds the reputation of having announced 2 Mbps plan in the year 2007.

    SME and corporate customers can enjoy dedicated leased line for heavy data transfer. YOU is among very few service providers that offer Triple Play Services. This means using one connectivity you can access broadband, conduct voice calls and watch videos via digital cable TV. YOU customers enjoy the facility of making international calls at affordable price thanks to Ahmedabad based ISP IceNet (a strong VoIP solution provider) that was acquired by the company in 2007. The company has also captured the WiFi broadband market. As an effort to improve customer base YOU offers value added services like online gaming with over 100 games to select every month, online education service for schools and colleges through 24x7 Guru, internet telephony and making ISD calls with broadband phone connection.

    YOU offers some exciting web hosting products. The company’s partnership with BigRock facilitates domain registration, email hosting, website design & builder tools and digital certificates.

    YOU Broadband Plans

    Dual Speed

    Hurricane YOU 12 Mbps

    Validity 1 Mth* 3 Mth 6 Mth 12 Mth
    Data Usage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Speed (12 Mbps ) Upto 25 GB Upto 80 GB Upto 175 GB Upto 375 GB
    Plan Charges 1212/- 3639/- 7280/- 14560/-

    • Installation Charges extra Rs 770 for new connection
    • After free data usage you can download @1Mbps
    • Router Sales amount Rs 1650
    • Refund modem deposit extra Rs 750

    YOU Trident Plus

    Validity 3 Mth 6 Mth 12 Mth 24 Mth
    Data Usage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Speed (10 Mbps ) Upto 25 GB Upto 60 GB Upto 130 GB Upto 260 GB
    Plan Charges 2034/- 4070/- 8140/- 14081/-

    YOU Eclipse 599-N

    In Unlimited plan, downloads of upto 4GB, 4.5GB, 4.8GB and 5GB are allowed at the rate of Rs 727/-, Rs 2181/-, Rs 4362/- and 8723/- respectively.

    YOU Eclipse 699-N

    In Unlimited plan a download of upto 6GB, 6.8GB, 7GB and 7.6GB are allowed at the rate of Rs 848 Rs 2545 Rs. 5090/- and 10179/- respectively.

    YOU Eclipse 899-N

    In Unlimited plan a download of upto 8GB, 8.9GB, 9.2GB and 10GB are allowed at the rate of Rs 1091/-, Rs 3273/-, Rs 6546/- and 13091/- respectively.

    YOU Eclipse 1099-N

    In Unlimited plan a download of upto 15GB, 16GB, 16.5GB and 17.5GB are allowed at the rate of Rs 1334/-, Rs 4001/-, Rs 8002/- and 16003/- respectively.

    MB plans

    Tornado 12Mbps

    In Tornado 12Mbps plan a download of upto 12GB, 38GB, 80GB and 166GB are allowed at the rate of Rs 713/-, Rs 2138/-, Rs 4276/- and 8554/- respectively.

    Day/Night Plans

    In Day/Night plan a download of 512Kbps during day and 1 mbps during night comes at Rs 879/-, Rs 2393/-, Rs 4456/- and Rs 8142/- for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months respectively. Day timings fall between 8am to 10pm and night timings are between 10pm to 8am.

    YOU business plans start from 512 kbps for 15GB data transfer to 2048 kbps for 90 GB data transfer at a price ranging from Rs 1100 per month to Rs 7500 per month. The company abides by TRAI guidelines.

    There are a host of broadband plans to choose from and they cater to all types of communities be it home, small business or corporate. Their traffic is diversified keeping in mind customer satisfaction. With unlimited monthly plan at attractive tariff for homes and offices YOU has gained the confidence of the customers.
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    Nice plans!! I am using 10mbps 30gb unlimited plan. You is far better than other ISPs

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    what is this? An AD for You Broadband? Admin please check this thread. I for one am not a satisfied customer and am thinking of shifting to another ISP.

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