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YOU Broadband worst ISP ever, in no way meets TRAI QoS becnhmarks

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    Angry YOU Broadband worst ISP ever, in no way meets TRAI QoS becnhmarks

    I subscribed to 1 Mbps unlimited broadband service of YOU Broadband & Cable India Limited on 23rd April 2013 in Thane division by paying advance rental for 4 months. Since then till date most of the times the connection has either been down or speed has been below 0.3 Mbps. This in no way meets TRAI QoS benchmarks of 98% up-time, Connection Speed to be met more than 80% from ISP Node to User.

    To complain against this I raised complaints to the provider many times. I had waiting times of more than 150 secs which again violates the QoS benchmarks. Due to large waiting times I communicated directly to the registered mobile no ( of Appellate Officer and was promised service, which I never got. I have communicated with the officer more than 20 times over the last 3 months to get a solution but never got a solution.

    Finally on 18th June I wrote an email to the Appellate Authority to solve the problem or refund the money. As per TRAI regulation No. 305-20/2009-QoS. issued on 5 January 2012, an appellate officer is supposed to solve a Complaint in 3 days, but I have not received a response to this email over last 1 month. I am seriously hoping that someone gives me justice.

    They have the best marketing, will assure service while signing up a customer but worst service, I even doubt the technical capability of these personnel. For instance I was once told that the speed will gradually increase after subscription Their personnel give some lame answers and never want to address your problems, so will never advise you for going for this ISP.

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    You are doing the exact same thing (contacting You broadband) and expecting a different result. That wont happen. To get a different result you need to do something different and in this case switching to another provider would be a good starting point.
    It is the responsibility of your service provider to keep your line up and running and if they are not able to do it then there is no reason you should stay with them.

    Before you get another connection please make sure you check out reviews in different sections on this forum and on sites like mouthshut. You generally get a good idea of what to expect reading reviews.

    You broadband have indeed messed you around a lot and the only way to serve the country for you would be share this review with all your face book contacts and Google plus or any other social networking site you have an id with.

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