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You Broadband or You Fraudband?

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    Default You Broadband or You Fraudband?

    Before you read the entire review, here is my short and prompt advice: if you are an existing customer, don't renew your connection for more than a month; chances are that the company may soon fold. And if you are a prospective customer, don't even think about it.

    Now read why:

    You Broadband are worst ISP in India. Not only that, in my experience they have the worst customer care service that any business can offer. They should change their name to You Fraudband.

    The uptime is consistently under 70% since last few months. My Internet connection is down since last 13 days and even as on today they can't even tell me when it will be restored, if it will ever be.

    I am a subscriber of "You Tornado" plan which promises UP TO 12 Mbps; but it is only occasionally. Chances are that the speed will be consistently under 3-4 Mbps. When you complain that the speed is low, they will up the speed perhaps for next few days; then it will go down again. Most customers won't measure the speed everyday(unless they are heavy users) and hence You Broadband can comfortably play this game all the time.

    Their call center is difficult to reach; expect to wait for 7-10 minutes before you get someone on line. Their call center workers are worst; they will routinely hang up on you. My yesterday's call duration was 18 minutes(single call, I had to try 3 times before that). The record is 30 minutes though. I have screenshots and I have even sent those screenshots to their higher level managers.

    Their entire customer care division is a sham. They don't have an iota of information regarding the status of your complain. They will just say "your complain has been escalated"(in case the 24 working hours deadline is crossed) or they will say "your complain will be address within 24 working hours". The don't know what is the status, what is the problem, when it is likely to be resolved, no nothing.

    Their salespeople will routinely defraud customers by claiming that they have a response time of 24 hours in event of any problem related to the connection. However, unsuspecting customers only come to know about their fraudulent practice when they make call to their customer care; the response time is "24 WORKING HOURS" - 3 days.

    And they don't work on Saturdays and Sundays. So if your connection goes down on a Wednesday or Thursday, don't expect it to be restored till the next Monday. So almost a whole week without connectivity.

    I just read on their Facebook page that You Broadband Chennai has not paid salaries to their employees. I think the company is going down in flames. I suspect they have failed to pay for their uplink and thus there is no connectivity across their whole network.

    In any case, they don't have what it takes to run a business like this. If they are forced to wind up operations, I would say Good Riddance.
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    Not paying salaries, no good customer service and no good service this is not a good approach to high sales. You Broadband has always had a good repo for its service and tariff plans, let's see if this still remains after this. I am sure there will many other customers in your place as well.

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