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Very Slow Speeds

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    Default Very Slow Speeds

    Dear Friends,

    I am facing a lot of trouble with You Broadband.
    I was a very satisfied customer previously.
    Now they are doing their utmost to make sure that i do not renew my package with them.
    I made the mistake of paying them in advance for two years and now i am being treated like the fool i am.

    Despite being on a 1 MBPS plan, the "Service Engineer" says that i should be happy if i get even 50 kbps.
    normal speed hovers between 14 ~ 20 kbps during day and night.

    Innumerable complaints have been made and next day they send an SMS to say that the complaint has been resolved without any resolution.
    I would guess that this is standard operating procedure to keep their statistics looking good with regard to complaint resolution.

    Some person from their back office calls me, i explain the entire story, they promise to send an engineer to check my connection.
    no one comes.
    complaint closed.

    then i make another complaint and this story repeats. and repeats and repeats.

    a few days i filled an online customer satisfaction survey on the You Broadband website by logging in with my username & Password.
    next day i get an sms saying that You Broadband does not solicit customer satisfaction surveys.

    I am stuck with this service and in all likelihood i will not be renewing my plan with them.

    i thank everyone for reading this long rant.

    You Broadband is horrible for me. I can only hope they treat you well.

    God Bless


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    Have you tried speaking to the nodel officer or a manager at customer care?

    Sometime it does seem better paying up in advance but it is the worst thing to do especially when it comes to broadband connections.

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    @ MikenPatel
    Have you tried speaking to the nodel officer or a manager at customer care?

    Two different "service" associates called and spoke to me on different days.
    Explained the entire saga in detail.
    Was informed that an Engineer would be sent to physically check the problem by both of them.

    I am still waiting for someone to visit and resolve the issue.

    Speed test showed 0.03 Mbps speed today

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    I am an existing customer of You Broadband.

    The rate plan of this one was on the lower side, compared to other service providers in the same field. So, I opted for their plan.

    I have been a customer for more than three years, but cannot give a positive feedback towards the service. The reasons are many.

    The net speed I am entitled with is 100.0Mbps, but never could I enjoy the outcome of such a fast connectivity. The shows a much lower pace, whenever checked. The speed further deteriorates during the demanding download sessions.
    Overall, I can say, You Broadband is fine, if the task is subtle. A better version is needed for a speedy download.

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    Paying in advance is always tricky when it comes to internet services!

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    As in any business, paying in advance is quite risky, especially in service industry. Anyway, thanks for these candid reviews, it will be a definite help for many who is looking for a new connection.

    To be frank, I never heard of this company earlier. Is it limited to a particular State/area only? I use Idea Broadband service and I often go for their monthly unlimited plan which is very much cheaper. But I can say they deliver the quality what you are paying for even though I experience very low coverage in my area. It works well in cities where there is good network.

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