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internet goes on and off every 2 minutes

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    Default internet goes on and off every 2 minutes

    my internet is getting weird, it keeps disconnecting every 2 minute. airtel technician came but couldnt resolve the problem,checked cables, tried changing cable, didnt work, used another modem, didnt work. made some phone calls. then he said it is some earthing problem on their end.(earthing problem?)

    using beetel 110tc1 model..

    upstream downtream
    SNR Margin : 21.8 101.9 db
    Line Attenuation : 29.7 19.6 db
    Data Rate : 2560 573 kbps
    Attainable Rate : 14688 647 kbps
    Out Power : 19.3 11.3 dbm

    please tell me what could be the problem? i dont think its "earthing problem", never heard of it before. (or am i just being stupid)

    help.. before i start meddling with the modem settings and make it worse...
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    If you can know if someone from your area has the same internet connection. Ask them if they fall on same problem. Otherwise its dns problem. Change them to
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    send email to
    How does the Phone work ? Noisy?
    Tried changing the adsl splitter?

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    Check your line status,post your line attenuation rates found on
    And see dsl status,you will find these values
    and yes if your phone has some noise in it,then it is a line problem not the d.n.s,
    It is fact that if a user faces disconnection or link failure,it is surely the line problem saying that d.n.s.has the problem is quite unknowledgeable
    complaint the problem to airtel by calling them or essbebe's email id can help you and ya do check your splitter too,may be it can also be the problem,if it has some crashes,change it immediately

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    thanks for looking into my problem.

    the phone seems to be working fine, no noise of any kind. the airtel guy who came did a direct connection(just with the modem, still has the same problem) from where all the cables go from(some white box), so i dont think its the splitter. they are going to call me back today, and i will post what had gone worng, its just my curiosity that led me here. :P

    another thing, there has been a lot of power cuts, and my router isnt connected to my ups, so its been going on and off with the powercuts, could this be the problem? but then again, he changed the router, had the same problem. really confused.

    i posted my readings on my first post.
    mailing airtel just after i post this.

    thank you.

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