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can i use beetel 450 tc1 as wifi router for my beam cable connection

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    Default can i use beetel 450 tc1 as wifi router for my beam cable connection

    i have recently changed to beam cable and they are providing connection directly via RJ-45 cable. Can I connect it to the lan line for beetel 450 tc1 and configure it as a wifi router for my use. Can you guys please share with me the configuration I require to do for the same in layman terms.
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    essbebe/any other gurus can you help please?
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    I think it won't work.

    You may try " Connectify ". You need Windows 7 and a wifi adapter dongle (costs Rs. 900).

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    is it better to go with a new wifi router? Which one will be best? how much will it cost?

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    see this thread. similar problem.
    You should post in Connect Broadband forum.

    Can work. One user has reported success, but has not given correct. feedback. Please read above thread and post further queries in that forum. give link to this thread.

    One problem reported : : Only One system can work at a time . Either desktop or laptop.
    Try with a friend's wifi router and connect to WAN/Internet Port
    and try.
    ( cost of new wifi router approx Rs 1500/= to Rs 3000/ depending on models )

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    This is based on my experience with Beetel 450TC1 on AirTel Broadband settings. Your mileage may vary.

    Beetel 450TC1, or another ADSL Modem + WiFi Router device has logically 2 kinds of interfaces:
    #1. WAN (Internet)
    #2. LAN

    Physically there are 3 interfaces:
    #1. ADSL (WAN)
    #2. LAN (Ethernet/RJ45) switch (LAN)
    #3. WiFi (LAN)
    Interfaces 2 & 3 are internally connected, that's why you are able to connect to the internet either via wire (Ethernet/RJ45) or WiFi.

    How this works is that the device acquires an Internet IP address on ADSL end of the connection. It also assigns IP addresses to your connected PC/Laptop etc. via DHCP.

    So if you want to use Beetel 450TC1, or another ADSL Modem + Wifi Router device as a WiFi router ONLY (that is, convert an incoming Ethernet connection to WiFi), here's how.

    Connect to the router with WiFi & the incoming Ethernet connection to any LAN port. Then, its just a question of using the LAN Switch + WiFi as an extended switch to connect your PC/Laptop etc. to the incoming Ethernet connection.

    I gave an IP address to the WiFi router (Interface Setup -> LAN -> Router Local IP), but maybe it can be made to work without it. Further research required along that angle if someone is so inclined.

    Now the question is about static or DHCP IP's. Your options are:
    #1. Don't use DHCP. Just assign static IP addresses to the PC/Laptop etc.
    #2. Using DHCP to get IP addresses from your incoming Ethernet connection.

    The first method is the simpler one. Figure out a free IP address from the pool in use on the incoming Ethernet connection along with the subnet mask & default gateway & use these settings on your PC/Laptop etc.

    The second method involves additional steps. Go to Interface Setup -> LAN -> DHCP. Set it to 'Relay', specify the DHCP server & play around with the options till you get it right. I was unable to get it to work, so I stuck with the first method, since it's working for me.

    Maybe some enterprising soul can work further on the second method. :-)

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    I'm posting this as there is incomplete information everywhere on this topic and I hope this would be useful to others.

    I did get Beetel 450 TC1 ADSL2+ router for use with Beam, albeit with a subtle limitation (alas, why didn't I care to chose a router with both ADSL2+ modem and a WAN port)

    Normally, this router does not have a WAN port, so you can't use it with Beam, that provides an ethernet port at home.
    However, there is a workaround (based on japinder's post above and other internet forum's posts including enitinkumar dot wordpress dot com/2012/05/23/configure-beetel-wifiadsl2router-to-use-tikonawimax/ ) through which you can connect wirelessly -- but this works for only one user (only one user can connect to the internet at a time), but there is a probable workaround even for that, listed at the end.

    I have tried many things for over a day, but I will summarize what would have contributed for the final effect: (Step 2 may not be necessary and I guess it should work even without resetting)

    1. Connect beam directly to your computer and note down the DHCP server ip address
    2. Reset the router settings to factory settings (Maintenance->SysRestart or the reset button on the back -- I did both!)
    3. Change Interface Setup -> Internet -> Encapsulation -> ISP to Bridge Mode.
    4. My router's local ip is already set to and I haven't changed that (Interface Setup->LAN)
    5. Change DHCP mode from enabled to Relay (Interface Setup->LAN) and specify the DHCP server IP for relay agent as the ip address saved in Step 1.
    6. Nothing to change or configure on the computer side (keep them as if beam is directly connected; by default, the settings would be to use dhcp and get ip/dns server address automatically)
    7. Connect to your wifi router from your computer over WiFi and you can browser now.

    As I said earlier, only one machine can connect to the internet. You can try connecting multiple connections, there is no harm. But beam's login screen will appear on each of the machines you connect and beam would not allow multiple simultaneous connections for a single login.

    For those who want to know what is really happening under the hood: A router supporting WAN port would normally be used for this kind of purpose and would not have the single user limitation. All the outgoing packets in that case would have the router's ip address. So, even when multiple machines connect to the wireless router, it works fine. However, what we did above is we are using the switch (LAN) functionality of the router here and the router as well as your machine gets a dynamic ip address from the ISP's dhcp server and are as if all of them are on same LAN. Here, there is no private ip assigned and hence all the outgoing packets will see ip address/mac addresss of your machine, but not that of the wireless router/switch (which would just act as a switch and forwards the packets to ISP), which is why multiple users can't access internet at the same time.

    Probable workaround for single user restriction: (I haven't tried this)
    Run a proxy server on your machine and let others use it. (Beware, everybody else running on beam may be able to use your proxy, so restrict the access to the extent possible; I think at least squid proxy allows such restrictions to be put in place, but it runs from command line and doesn't have UI!)

    bsnlevdoclub dot com/forum/evdo-internet-connection-sharing-with-a-wireless-router-t-413.html (search for sateesh or proxy)


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