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Advice on Broadband Solution for PS3 online gaming in Kolkata

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    Exclamation Advice on Broadband Solution for PS3 online gaming in Kolkata

    Alright, I need some solid experienced advice from PS3 users in Kolkata, specially PS3 online gamers.

    I have been desperately trying to get an optimum broadband connection in the city to no avail.

    I am currently using a Plug & Play (Direct connection, without a modem or router on my end) 2mbps connection through Alliance broadband, and though the speed is great the ping rate sucks. It's as high as 180 to 210ms. Online gaming seriously requires much lesser ping rates. Add to that my PS3 is registered to the US Store. I'm unsure if that affects which PSN server I connect to though.

    I spoke with Airtel and they too, do not have a higher speed broadband connection in Kolkata than 2mbps.

    Basically I'm looking for advice from PS3 online gamers in Kolkata who can tell me what connection they're using and if its working well enough for online gaming.

    Appreciate any help on this, I'm kinda losing my mind suffering from all this lag.


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    180 ms delay is a physics limitation having in mind distance (around 15,000 km. in direction), speed of light when transmitted over fiber-optic cable, which is 70% of the maximum speed of light, and some additional ms for signal conversion and data processing.

    Even if there ware direct cables between India and US (which is not the case), round-trip distance will be around 30,000 km. In fact it's more than that, due to indirect connections trough Europe or Asia (HK, Japan, etc). Let's asume, the actual distance is around 35,000 km.

    So, divide 35 000 km. by 70% of speed of light (300 000 km/s) or 210 000 km/s. It results to 166 ms for pure optical transmission. Add up some time for signal conversion,
    data processing and it'll easily go up to 180 ms which is the theoretical minimum.

    For better gaming experience start using Asian servers, not US. That's the only possible solution.

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    Appreciate the heads up. Thanks for replying.

    When you say 'start using Asian servers, not US', could you be a little more specific.

    I do use the US PSN Store due to available content, but does that mean when I get online, instead of connecting to the nearest located server somewhere around here it actually reroutes to the US?


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    im not from kolkata , but just telling u that u cannot set regions in games except killzone 3 u have option to select asia,us likewise....actually im using bsnl 4mbps plan(but im getting more then 6mbps always sometimes 8mbps haha..) gettings sometimes ping like 92 at night during day 180 .so its good because of fast speed im the host most of the times in crysis 2 u cant tweak ping so just stay with your net its good.all r having high ping issues.

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