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Is having a STATIC IP for a Fixed-Line Broadband HOME CONNECTION required ?

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    Question Is having a STATIC IP for a Fixed-Line Broadband HOME CONNECTION required ?

    Hello Dear Users,
    I plan to subscribe to Fixed-Line Broadband Connection from RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS - of which there have been fair reviews/opinions over the Internet - for my Laptop PC which I don't often carry around with myself.

    Actually, I am a bit new to wider terms in computing and related subjects.

    While surfing through GOOGLE before finally deciding to opt for a RELIANCE FIXED LINE BROADBAND as the choice for Internet on my laptop, I came across this one set of terms - STATIC IP and DYNAMIC IP, on some broadband user' discussion forums' websites - this site being one among the some of them.

    I have been to able to vaguely understand the meaning underlying it, for not having read it ... might be properly/or say until fully convinced.

    What I have basically understood by this, is that having a 'STATIC IP' connection is definitely advantageous over one of DYNAMIC IP, in SOME ASPECTS.
    But, I also learnt that COMMERCIAL ESTABLISHMENTS and SERVERS are where people generally and most frequently opt for STATIC IP broadband, as definitely, there may be some advantageous technical ASPECT to this choice, for these purposes; and not on RESIDENTIAL/HOME broadband connections.

    Other than specific reasons, is SPEED - which is also an ASPECT of Internet connection and moreover the one most commonly discussed, affected in DYNAMIC i.e. random IP connection/ or say, does choosing a STATIC IP gives you the promised full speed of your BROADBAND DATA PLAN.
    Or say, does speed fluctuate off more often to the extreme lows, in a DYNAMIC IP connection. Because, as far, as I know, about FIXED LINE BROADBAND Internet connection, it is known to be more stable and the customer gets often an around-the-promised-speed of his Data Plan, un-like mobile/USB DATA CARD 3G Internet whose speeds very often fluctuate between the highs and lows; and also, if one does not often carry around the laptop, FIXED LINE Internet is an economical choice over using USB DATA CARD, as it is known to provide more data on same price.

    Concluding, I want to know as to whether having a STATIC IP is needed/necessary for common HOME users as well - to whom, as is at present for me, the most common aspect would be their connection SPEED, I suppose.

    The Customer Care executive at RELIANCE informed me that the company charges an extra Rs. 2000 per connection, for reserving one IP i.e. opting for STATIC IP.
    She tried to explicate the difference between STATIC and DYNAMIC choices of IP, but I did not ask her the less formal question concerning home users - their job being only to give customers what they want from their many services, each and every services' sale mattering to them, rather than going a step ahead and suggesting one saleable service over other saleable service of their own. There as forums such as this, for informal and suggestive purposes, for opinions. So, I posted it here.

    Please advise.

    Thanking You,

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    Like you said, you dont need a static ip for home use. Its expensive and there is nothing like you get better speeds if you opt for static ip. Its useful only when you're hosting your server.
    For speed for a particular package, ask them about the contention ration. Usually speed is dependent on the contention ratio, where 1:1 is the best and expensive, and for homes its something like 1:25. These standards are detemined by TRAI which every ISP must follow.

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    Simply explained:
    If you go to a hotel you get allotted say room no 222.
    All services are available. ( tariff as selected by you)
    Next time you may get a different room. say Room no 313.
    There is no change in the services available ( same tariff )
    So you get a DYNAMIC Room number !
    Or if you are interested in a particular room , say with a view to the sea front,
    and nobody is allowed to occupy it, you pay a Hefty tariff for each month !
    That is STATIC Room Number !!! Reserved for you !!

    my Laptop PC which I don't often carry around with myself.
    Based on you Internet surfing usage, you can select a tariff with speed/data usage/budget. etc.
    Try here and check your requirement.

    Now you can opt for a 3-in1 adslmodem +4lan Port +wifi
    and can use the laptop in your house in different rooms without any
    physical connection.

    (a)You get a Landline ( telephone ) based ADSL Broadband connection from any ISPBsnl/Airtel/Reliance etc.
    This will be economical.
    (b)Or if you prefer get a wireless based connection.
    Just plug in a datacard or 3GUSB modem in your laptop.

    I am using( Chennai circle ) a BSNL ADSl BB Home 750 Unlimited usage/speed 2 Mbps/ till 8GB/ then speed reduces to 512 Kbps.
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    you deserve a "magical hug" for the above ex.


    someone hosting his site from his place will go for static i.p.. like establishments. companies etc.
    i dont think an individual or a small firm will opt for a static ip (unless he is hosting a game server or a kind of service node/portal etc). because you got server farms in Nashik now. what you have to do is go with a hosting plan thats all. they will take care of how to resolve that ip to your domain name.

    basically managing a static ip is very hard. it needs to be vigilant all the time because your ip is known to everyone.

    some people have servers for managing full websites. these are small servers(in place of full fledge pc) they have a memory slot, ehternet is there. you just gotta plug to your internet and you are online.. manageable using linux stuff..

    well thats lots too techy
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