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    Default How to HACK SITI BROADBAND User's net

    Hello there,

    I'm using SITI Broadband. Today my friend also took the same broadband connection.
    Both of us having same gate way I.e:, no web login, no user id & password needs to put for internet, it's auto login always, both of us using same Dlink DIR-600L Router. Both of us can ping each other as his IP is 172.18.248.xx & mine 172.18.248.yy and even can access our shared folders.

    Now the question is how can we share / use Internet through any one of our single IP?
    I tried changing my gateway instead of to his IP, but seems it didn't work out.

    But sure enough there is a way to do so. May be port forwarding, virtual server or something else.

    Please suggest as I'm keen on knowing about it...

    Reason: Both of our renewal cycle is different, so I want to continue the net as mine gets expired...

    INFO: SITI Broadband doesnt use MAC Filter. I can use the net in both either Router or Laptop. If I disable my IP, by providing my friend's IP, I can get internet.
    SITI Broadband acts on User ID / Password & IP, no MAC filtering.

    Hope this helps others to solve my query easily...
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    Your query is out of the scope of discussions we allow on this forum.

    Thread closed.

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