I'm in Kolkata soon and want to know the most reliable broadband connection, ie one where there is no downtime and some measure of decent customer service. When I previously lived in the city I had Dishnet which was taken over by Tata Indicom and the service went from bad to atrocious. I ended up vowing never to buy anything with the Tata brand again. Tata's infuriating call centre workers in Hyderabad couldn't understand my accent and sometimes hung up on me (English is my mother tongue and I speak perfectly clearly). They offered all sorts of stupid excuses - your cable has been stolen (it wasn't), a bus crashed into your line (ridiculous), load-shedding has affected your hub (I know it didn't because the hub was right next to my home), you must have done something wrong, etc.

I had some good experience with a local company that also supplied our cable television, but have forgotten the name - when the broadband went down it was no longer than a few hours (not a week in the case of Tata), the customer service was excellent (they would tell me what was wrong and when I could expect the line to be back up) and the speed was good. But I was paying something like Rs2,500 per month. The cost and service were about comparable with what I expect in the UK. Tata was Rs1,500 per month, I think, but I didn't really get any service, so the saving was pointless.

Bearing in mind how companies' service seems to deteriorate as they fail to invest in infrastructure to keep up with demand, I would like to have two services just in case with one as backup, either another broadband connection or a mobile connection. Any suggestions?