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two computers

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    Default two computers

    hi guys. i'm planning to buy a new computer. my old computer is in my room and the new one i'm planning to keep it in the hall (living room). i have type 1 modem(ut300r2u). is there a way to access net at both computers simultaneously. 15feet distance between the two computers. should i buy a wireless modem and access internet(as in laptop) or is there any other way. all the rooms have telephone ports. if any other post is useful please redirect me. thanks in advance.

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    If you want to share internet connection at home then go for home networking using any good wireless/ wired router, it is the best way to connect. I would like to suggest you ethernet connection as wireless connections are really not very reliable and they can give you minor problems like slowness, disconnection and all that.

    If you want to know more about routers and basics of Home Networking then please check guides by just4kix in Broadband How to section

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    i am not sure how many ports you have in router so ill tell all oprions

    1) if you have atleast 2 ethernet ports then you buy a network cable and connect it to both the systems and in router keep it in PPPoE mode...

    2) if you have only 1 ethernet port...
    you can opt to buy a hub..and do as 1st

    3) you can opt to take up the other type of router provided itself and use it as 1st

    4) if you opt for type 4 modem then its well and good as you will have 4 ethernet ports so you can connect and if you are ready to invest some money around 5k max you can connect both pc's using wi-fi (5k is if you dont have wi-fi cards)

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