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enabling bridged mode in UTStarcom 300R2U?

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    Default enabling bridged mode in UTStarcom 300R2U?

    I am linked with MTNL. I use a software Azureus. I now realise that some ports are blocked.The solution is to enable some ports in the modem configuration page or to enable bridged mode. But, does anyone knows how to do that? I am using UTStarcom 300R2U modem. The firmware version is R100B02.7AS.D.

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    ^ if you can work with bridge mode - thats fine
    as you do not need to worry abt port forwarding
    for any application .
    if you want to work thru pppoe mode then check if it has any help for your modem .

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    I didnt find any other thread for this so i am posting on this one itself. Is it possible for any hacker to hijack a particular port. It might be very funny for some but i need a answer with documentation proof. Can anyone give me one?

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