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is local snr margin below 6 is bad?

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    Default is local snr margin below 6 is bad?

    my line status in my modem page shows local snr margin 5.5 dB but in my friends house its over 20 dB. is there any fault in my phone line. i getting 1.7 mbps speed but my ping is over 100ms.

    Broadband Line Status


    Line Rate 125258
    Tx Cell Transmitted 0
    Rx Cell Received 0
    Cbr_CPS 0
    Rvbr SCR_CPS 0
    Vbr SCR_CPS 0
    Rvbr PCR_CPS 0
    Vbr PCR_CPS 0
    Ubr_CPS 3372
    Ubr MCR_CPS 0
    CACMode Simple
    CACFunction 0x2002a4cc
    Port Speed Hook 0x00000000
    Vpi Range 8
    Vci Range 16
    Default Pcr 0
    Traffic Shaping false
    Ni Type uni
    Is Dsl Dma Up 1
    Enabled Channels 4
    Driver Version 1.75
    APIVersion GS_API_626
    Firmware Version E.37.7.37
    Dsp Version 0x00000090
    Common Handshake Disable
    Connected true
    Operational Mode G.Dmt.Bis
    State Showtime
    Watchdog 0x00000053
    Operation Progress 0x00000000
    Last Failed 0x00000000
    Tx Bit Rate 238400
    Rx Bit Rate 6971600
    Rx ATTNDR 6680000
    Code Type Status AnnexA
    Tx Cell Rate 562
    Rx Cell Rate 16442
    Phy TXCell Count 155284
    Phy RXCell Count 1409008
    Phy Cell Drop Count 1
    Overall Failure 0
    Data Boost Disable
    Local ITUCountry Code 0x0000b5ff
    Local SEF 0
    Local End LOS 0
    Local SNRMargin 5.5 dB
    Local Line Attn 16.0 dB
    INPup 1.93
    INPdown 2.19
    PMstatus L0
    Raw Attn 0.0 dB
    Local Tx Power 12.4 dB
    Local Fast Channel Rx Rate 0
    Local Fast Channel Tx Rate 0
    Local Fast Channel FEC 0
    Local Fast Channel CRC 0
    Local Fast Channel HEC 0
    Local Fast Channel NCD 0
    Local Fast Channel OCD 0
    Local Interleaved Channel Rx Rate 6971600
    Local Interleaved Channel Tx Rate 238400
    Local Interleaved Channel FEC 0
    Local Interleaved Channel CRC 0
    Local Interleaved Channel HEC 0
    Local Interleaved Channel NCD 0
    Local Interleaved Channel OCD 0
    Remote Tx Power 20.5 dB
    Remote SEF 0
    Remote LOS 0
    Remote Line Attn 7.0 dB
    Remote SNRMargin 6.5 dB
    Remote Fast Channel FEC 0
    Remote Fast Channel CRC 0
    Remote Fast Channel HEC 0
    Remote Fast Channel NCD 0
    Remote Interleaved Channel FEC 0
    Remote Interleaved Channel CRC 0
    Remote Interleaved Channel HEC 0
    Remote Interleaved Channel NCD 0
    Local Mgmt FEC0 1900
    Local Mgmt CRC0 290
    Local Mgmt FECErrored Sec 328
    Local Mgmt Errored Sec 53
    Local Mgmt Severely Errored Sec 10
    Local Mgmt LOSErrored Sec 0
    Local Mgmt Unavail Errored Sec 0
    Local Mgmt HEC0 5759
    Remote Mgmt FEC0 0
    Remote Mgmt CRC0 0
    Remote Mgmt FECErrored Sec 0
    Remote Mgmt Errored Sec 0
    Remote Mgmt Severely Errored Sec 0
    Remote Mgmt LOSErrored Sec 0
    Remote Mgmt Unavail Errored Sec 0
    Remote Mgmt HEC0 0
    Local TPSTCCell0 30497446
    Local TPSTCCell0Upper Layer 1409006
    Local TPSTCBit Error 0
    Remote TPSTCCell0 181527
    Remote TPSTCCell0Upper Layer 10098
    Remote TPSTCBit Error 0
    PSDMask Status Standard
    Status Fail Count 0
    Profile Status MAIN
    Action Startup
    Activate Line None
    Line Status false
    Host Control Enable
    Auto Start true
    Failsafe false
    Showtime Led 2
    Retrain EnableOverallOnly
    Defaults None
    Line Mode None
    Whip Disable
    Whip Active Inactive
    Happy Mode Enable
    PMmode L2L3Allowed
    Dying Gasp Enable
    Utopia Interface Level1
    Physical Port 0
    Clock Type Oscillator
    Profile MAIN
    Detect Noise Disable
    Max Interleave D 64
    SHalf Disable
    Cabinet Mode Disable
    PSDMask AnnexM-EU60
    Standard G.Dmt.Bis
    Ec Fdm Mode EC
    Max Bits Per Bin 15
    Tx Start Bin 6
    Tx End Bin 63
    Rx Start Bin 6
    Rx End Bin 511
    Rx Auto Bin Adjust Disable
    Tx Attenuation Bis_0DB
    Bit Swap Enable
    Bit Swap Up Enable
    NTRMode Disable
    Code Type ADSL2A
    Max Down Rate 511
    Capability BIS+/BIS/GDMT/T1413
    Coding Gain auto
    Framer Type Type3ET
    Fast Retrain Enable
    Reset Defaults false
    Port Snmp If Index 0
    Port Snmp If Type 0

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    SNR depends on two factors: a) the distance from the telephone exchange and b) the line quality. You can determine your distance from the exchange by your line attenuation. If it is more, then you are far away from the exchange. If it is less and you still have lower SNR then it is a line fault. If your friends house is near to your house, you can be sure that it is line fault.

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    6bB. or below = Bad and will experience no line synchronisation and frequent disconnections
    7dB-10dB. = Fair but does not leave much room for variances in conditions.
    11dB-20dB. = Good with little or no disconnection problems
    20dB-28dB. = Excellent
    29dB. or above = Outstanding

    Get your line checked.

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