I am facing problem configuring wireless network. I have a SmartAX MT882 HUAWEI modem and a NetGear WGR614 v5 wireless router. I followed the instructions available at:


After which I am not able to configure the wireless network. When I follow the instructions mentioned in the above URL, I get a "device is taking too long to respond error" which I click apply after the following (Last) step:
================================================== ====
Does your Internet connection require a login? – No
Account Name – blank
Domain Name – blank
Internet IP Address
Use Static IP Address
IP Address –
IP Subnet Mask –
Gateway IP Address –
Domain Name Server (DNS) Address
Use These DNS Servers
Primary DNS –
Secondary DNS –
Router MAC Address
Use Default Address
·Click on Apply and wait till the router restarts
================================================== ====

Even after this, I am however able to see the wireless connection using my laptop and able to connect to it successfully, but not able to browse. Once I get this error I am not able to connect the the net from my desktop also. The desktop is connected to the Port 4 of the Wireless router.

I have however not followed one step, at the start of the second step for configuring the wireless router, the instructions mention that the desktop from where the Wireless router is being configured has to be switched to DHCP. This does not work, because if I need to do this I need to change the configuration of the SmartAX MT882 router to allocate IP addresses. If I change this , I noticed that when I connect the NetGear router between the SmartAX MT882 and the desktop and try to connect to to configure the NetGear router,
It does not connect because the MT882 router allocates an IP to the netgear router and does not work after that.

Any pointers as to why I am getting this error in the last step?