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    Hello, i am new to this forum, i am using mt841 with wireless and a laptop with vista ultimate. I think this is a hardware issue but still i am posting. I presume my wireless on the modem board got damaged because the led of wlan which glows only after inserting the pcmcia card, now glows even without inserting card and even when i insert card i dont get wireless lan. But when i just press the card (just lightly, not even firm), i am getting lan. Appears like a loose contact or something burnt on board, still just seeking some help. Any suggestions? where to get it repaired? Is that switching the modem on all through the night without accessing network, which i frequently do, could have caused this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance brothers.

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    if the modem was taken on rent from BSNL then it can be
    replaced by BSNL . give a written application to the CO at
    your BSNL exchange requesting for replacement due to its
    malfunctioning ( don't tell them that you have kept it on
    idle for several nights - this is the reason for your problem )

    if you own the modem then unfortunately it can not be
    repaired easily ... if it is a loose contact then can be
    fixed with utmost care - if a visible component is burnt
    then it can be replaced by electronics technician - but
    if some fault occurred within a chip on board then the
    board has to be replaced ...

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