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How to configure UT-300R modem (Type I) + Dlink N150 router

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    Default How to configure UT-300R modem (Type I) + Dlink N150 router

    I have Data One Broadband from BSNL with UT-300R router (cable only modem - no USB). I have recently bought Dlink N150 router to set up wireless access of broadband for my laptop. However, though router is configured successfully - I am not able to connect to internet. I think I am missing some cofiguration in the modem or in the router - can anyone please help?

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    we can do it in three distinct steps:

    Step 1:

    In your computer, right click on the "Local Area Connection" and set it to obtain "IP address automatically"

    Step 2:

    Set your modem to "PPPoE" mode (always on).

    Hope you can easily do all the necessary configuration upto here

    Step 3:

    before proceeding, reset your wifi router to factory defaults if you have made any changes in its configuration (you can do so, by pressing and holding the reset button at the back with a paper pin for about 20 seconds when it is powered on)

    1. Remove the cable from the modem and connect it to Port1 at the rear of your wifi router,
    2. type in the address bar and type admin as username, leave the password field as blank,
    3. you can go directly to the wireless configuration by clicking on the "wireless" link,
    4. do not use any security just to check if your router is working okay...
    5. now connect the ethernet cable between your ADSL modem and Port1 of your wifi router,
    6. wait for about 2 minutes and check if you can access internet through wifi,

    now, if you can access internet through wifi, you need to secure your network so that unauthorised people do not access your network and inflate your bill...

    feedback appreciated

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    Guide for UT300R. Check screen shots..
    Give feedback item wise for post No 2.
    Step 2: You have to enter USERID/PW in wan page after selecting PPPoE

    step2A: Also enable DHCP
    Presume , Internet working only with Ut300R modem in use. confirm.

    Para two:
    Give correct number of Belkins wifi router.

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