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Broadband advice needed

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    Default Broadband advice needed

    Dear all,

    I need your kind advice in getting broadand internet in my home.
    i am in Maraimalai Nagar (603 209). I use WLL Phone (800) supplied by BSNL.
    I curious to know about unlimited internet. Now I am using 250 rupees connection. My user name and password are my WLL phone number. And dial #777 to connect internet. This connection is extremely slow...s this connection is broadband or dial-up ? Because when ever i connect internet i see the units are counting (this can be seen on my phone display)..
    Is there any other good option/plan? Many people told me that there are some connection which provides unlimited download/upload in midnight at more than 1 MBPS..
    please advice me some good options that are available in Maraimalai Nagar.
    It would be great to have some offer below 400 rupees..
    thanks, rajini

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    If you were given a WLL connection, means that
    Bsnl telephone lines do not exist in your area/locality/village
    from the nearest Exchange.

    Being an Industrial Town, now things must have improved.
    Check availability of a Landlline phone connection, and broadband
    via Phone lines from your Nearest Exchange.

    Also try this:
    book here for L/L and BB service.
    No need to log in ( this is for Bsnl staff )
    Select Home 250 plan. ( later you can change the plan )
    Instructions to fill up explained here

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    WLL is not broadband.

    Check if you can get a land line. It is a must for getting wired broadband and hence to get unlimited plans. I am using UL 750 which gives 512 Kbps unlimited for Rs. 750 per month (telephone rent extra ). You can also choose UL Combo 750 and get rid of telephone rent (but no free calls). You can also choose UL 499 which gives 256 Kbps unlimited (which is almost double the speed you are getting now) for Rs. 499 per month (telephone rent extra). You can also choose the same speed unlimited for Rs. 625 (without telephone rent and with free calls).

    I think you mentioned about BBG FN Combo 500 and BBG FN Combo 600 which gives night unlimited at 2 Mbps. They cost Rs. 500 and Rs. 600 with 1.5 GB and 2.5 GB day time usage limit respectively. This may be a bit above your budget, but if you can spend extra Rs. 100 - 200 you get good value for money and free calls. You need not pay any telephone rent for these plans.

    You can get more details here :

    .:BB COMBO:.

    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.

    For more simpler selection,

    BB Plan Selector

    Hope all your points are addressed, if in doubt, feel free to ask.

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