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Internet Connection Problem Issue is not solved for more than 1 month

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    Default Internet Connection Problem Issue is not solved for more than 1 month

    We are using Broadband Connection of BSNL in Chennai. We are facing severe connection problem for the last 2 months (from October 2011). We are regularly complaining to our customer care (1504) regarding this and they are telling that the problem will be solved by local telephone exchange. When we are calling our local telephone exchange, they are not doing any proper repair or not solving the problem properly. Either they will tell that we need to stay in home for proper checking or they will tell that our modem is not working properly. When we stay in home they will simply ignore our calls and say that they are sending someone for checking but no one comes to check. Though there is problem but they don't forget to send the bill timely. What is the use of paying the bill timely and getting no solution. Our telephone number is (044)2274 3924 and the local exchange number is (044)2274 0011.

    I hope our problem will be taken into consideration and some solution should be coming out.

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    Make an ONLINE complaint here
    Your Exchange may call you within three days.
    Select Grievance nature from drop down menu.
    Give feedback.

    Mention the ADSL modem router details.
    If possible see Deviceinfo/Statistics/ ADSL menu page.
    Report SNR /ATTN data.
    Confirm whether Telephone is working without picking up any NOISE.

    4. Confirm all PHONES connected ONLY to Phone port of ADSL splitter .

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    Tele conversations may not bear fruit with BSNL. A visit to SDE of your exchange can give you better results. Talking to customer care is just waste of phone call, they are there to give excuses, not to solve the issue. Hope you got a complaint no., use that while complaining in the link above.

    You can also complain to the broadband section of BSNL district head quarters for better results. Normally they are more attentive.

    This may help

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