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One Month Security Deposit

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    Question One Month Security Deposit

    Guyz i need help on this issue !

    I was an user of BSNL broadband 500 combo plan for two months [ April-May] , i got bill and it was OK !
    Than i changed my plan to UL 625 for one month [ June ] for it i got billed : 625 + 625 + etc. = 1350 .
    the bill stated that one of the Rs.625 charge was of "plan security deposit"

    I got this bill today coz we know how billing system works .....

    but from this month i.e. 1st July 2012 i made my BB plan back to 500 combo [provisioned]

    so i wanna ask that -

    * how will i get back that security deposit back ?

    Please guide me through this mess !

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    They say it will be adjusted in consequent months billing cycle. I wud suggest u give a written letter in the BSNL office for refund.

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    You will get the refund when you close the BSNL connection. I don't think they will adjust it in the next month. You better go to your local BSNL and talk with them regarding this.

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    thankx guyz , i will stick to this topic so that this info might help others !

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