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    Default Speed???

    can any1 tell me wat should be the minimum internet speed so as to watch an online streaming video??? so that I can decide which unlimited BSNL plan to have...

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    Suggest that you refrain from SMS type language. To watch streaming video, the speed required depends upon the picture resolution. For example, with YouTube 360p videos require at least 2 mbps and even then some buffering occurs. For feature films, I will recommend at least 4 mbps speed.
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    Cool 1 mbps speed is enoufg for 360p video!

    1 mbps speed is more than enough for 360p YouTube video streaming! HD videos may require 2mbps, 4mbps is not necessary for watching YouTube videos. Even with 512kbps connection, u can watch 360p videos with some initial pausing for few seconds

    In simple, with 1mbps speed u can enjoy streaming videos, 512 will do some buffering but watchable

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