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BSNL Broadband - ZXDSL531B - Home WiFi

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    Default BSNL Broadband - ZXDSL531B - Home WiFi

    Dear Forum Member,

    I am new to this forum and have been going thru this forum for BSNL Modem configuration for WiFi across home.
    I have current ZXDSL531B modem provided by BSNL 2 years back and since then I am using the same modem. The performance of modem has been crap and wifi is the crapiest I have ever used. Itís just that I never wanted to configure WiFi at home, which is something I want to do now.

    So here are the few points where I need your expert advice.

    1.Which ADSL modem/router I need to buy in order for setup/configure WiFi at home? I wonít mind if I have to replace the BSNL modem by this new wireless ADSL router. Which are the best of maximum coverage and bandwidth?

    2.What are the steps I need to take in order to configure the same?

    3.Do I need any support from BSNL engineers? BSNL engineers in my area are dumb and I need to explain things to them most of the time.

    4.I am planning to configure Skype on my Sony Bravia TV using this wireless router. Anybody done that before?

    5.I need WiFi to be available 24x7. Which means I do not want it to turn off (even when I switch off my PC).I will keep router/modem ON always. Can I do this using the wifi router you will advice in the question1 above?

    6.Last but not the least, I sometimes loose signal in my lounge as my modem is place in my study. Is there anyway I can boost the signal strength? Or the router above will be sufficient for the same. I am looking for 3 bedroom house.

    I would appreciate your replies.

    Thank You. - Chetan

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    80 views and not a single reply ?

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    1. Dlink 2750U

    2. You need to configure in PPPoE mode.

    3. Google or search this forum you will find many guides to configure the above said modem.

    4. No, but must not be difficult. It just needs to sense WiFi.

    5. Yes, but for longer life switch it off at times.

    6. Use a coke can, see DIY guide on YouTube.
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