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My experience regarding Prithvi modem

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    Default My experience regarding Prithvi modem

    Greetings to all !

    This is my first thread. So, here I go . . . I have been using BSNl EVDO in Jamshedpur for the past 2 months and my experience is good.

    While purchasing the Prithvi UE-100, it appeared to me as cheap okay-shokay modem. But, now I can say it's a Good modem, not Great though and worth it's price. BSNL provides 1 year warranty on Prithvi UE-100.

    The problems I faced ( All were temporary ) :

    a) Random dis-connect and re-connect from laptop (NOT internet dis-connect).

    Reason behind and Solution : Since, I was using a LONG USB connector, there was a considerable Latency between data travel between modem and laptop causing it to go undetected when the response via LONG Usb connector delayed, making the Laptop think it has been removed !

    Also, cheap or worn out USB connectors might create same problem.

    Further, the problem may arise because of faulty mother-board ( which is smoothly running the PC) producing in-sufficient voltage on the USB port.

    We can use USB connector witha power hub ( though I have not tried it yet)

    b ) Speed gradually declined to few kbps (3-20 kbps KiloBIT not BYTE )

    Reason and Solution : If you cause shaking or disturb the modem stationary position by moving the laptop or keeping the laptop on bed,sofa etc (then typing causes a bit jerking effect ) then the modem will either recover from signal change or might dip down to nill speed.

    Also, I used to keep a copper wire and kept coiling and re-arranging it a lot, around the modem in hunger for more speed. Smtimes, it worked ..n rest of the time speed dipped

    It's better to leave the USB stationary after finding a suitable position where signal is good.

    c) Modem heating

    Reason : When the signal is varying greatly (U might notice frequent changes in Signal bars or flickering on Conncetion manager interface ) or signal is low ( because of Tower) , the modem utilizes more power and thus, heats up.

    Otherwise, I have downloaded 10+ Gbs continously a lot and the modem remains moderately warm.

    Few observations : When I keep a CD at the EDGE ( on either Lengthy side of modem ) (not completely beneath Modem) speed increases beacause of sgnal enhancement.

    Moreover, when I bring my hand in front of the modem same thing happens. but when I keep my head near laptop (thus modem) reverse happens . lol

    Also, we can use self made antennas ( check out Youtube using the search keyword - DIY ( do it yourself) or home made modem antennas)

    copper wire etc.

    So, if you receive good signal ( 3 bars or above ) ( check that while having EVDO demo ) then Prithvi modem is not bad and don't panic or just blame BSNL for any speed/modem related problems before finding the problem from our side.

    Else, you can check reviews on Sierra, Huawei, Micromax etc modems on the net.

    The above mentioned solutions ( most of it ) I got from International forums related to Modems/ EVDo modems.

    Also, anyone from Jamshedpur wondering if BSNL EVDO service is good or not; the service is satisfactory !

    BSNL Jamshedpur authorities responds to query and take actions in time . That's a big relief ! So far so good ..cheers !
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    Nice observations. You should write thesis paper on "variable modifying usb modem activity". BTW does that CD trick really works? I have a BSNL 3G modem connected to router. Any suggestions?

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    Imagine the USB modem connected to a port on laptop. Now, the CD should be kept under the modem such that the CD edge n modem edge should coincide ( CD n modem are NOT in contact ).

    Have this arrangement before connecting to net.

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