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Wireless router

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    Default Wireless router

    I am having at home broad band connection of local service provider with speed one mpbs I want to make it wify pl tell me which router wireless will be suitable i am having four laptops at home to be rin on wify.Wich of what capacity router i have to purchase and from where in navi mumbai

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    If you are using a local cable provider for broadband connection then in very obvious condition you must be getting connection through a ethernet cable. So in this case you can buy any 54Mbps wireless router (not modem router) like Netgear, Belkin, Linksys etc. and connect the ethernet (connection) cable to router. It should work good, still if you face any issues then post here

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    hi.. iam lso using local cable net for my netbook without any modem..i wish to buy a wi-fi router, like belkin n150..will it work with cable internet..what about settings???

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    Is there any Company
    which gives 10Mbps speed per month

    Also can someone Please give me a Model #
    which Wireless Router i should get for LONG RANGE

    When I get the new Wireless Router
    I can hok it to the MTNL Wireless router
    or I have to exchange the MTNL wireless to a regular router ?

    Thank you

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    Belkin n150 or n300 will be a very good choice....

    About the settings, if you have local cable internet, u should be provided with a static IP
    u need :
    IP Address, Subnet Mask, IP Gateway Address, DNS address, Secondary DNS address

    all these will be provided by your ISP.

    Now after buying Belkin or ur preferred Wifi Router, connect it with ur cable, then switch it on.. connect wifi with ur pc/laptop... then type in ur address bar

    u should get the system settings page of ur wifi

    now specify static ip, provide all the above mentioned details, and u r done!!

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