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Fibre based broadband in Chennai?

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    Default Fibre based broadband in Chennai?

    Is there an alternative to the entire BSNL thing in Chennai? The service I receive from BSNL is abysmal. I'm wasting my money and time with them. I regularly connect to servers in Europe for gaming and I'm getting high ping times and huge lag while gaming. And all this on a supposedly 4 mbps connection. Repeated requests to replace the wiring from the junction box to my socket have been ignored and I'm stuck with a line that frequently disconnects.

    So I'm looking for alternative ways to connect to the internet in Chennai. Is there anything like beam fibre here?
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    Well fiber based is there in both BSNL and Reliance, only difference is BSNL is DAMN high priced and comes with the usual FUP stuff! Both BSNL and Reliance have their own advantages/disadvantages mentioned on different threads!

    Wait a minute you mentioned 4 mbps, did you do a speedtest and check if you are indeed getting 4Mbps?!! There is a common fault that sometimes the downstream and upstream rate is not corrected in the settings and you get slower speeds. Or it would be only natural if you have completed your FUP it would be running on the slower speed they have according to the plan. If you know about modem settings check the same. If not take the modem to the Test Bench of CSC and tell them to configure it correctly! Then you'll get the correct speeds!

    IMPORTANT POINT: Do not be misinformed that games disconnection have anything to do with the quality of broadband connection available alone. It is the Distance from the server you connect to and as you mentioned Europe, naturally you will have high ping times and that gets worse with the increasing distance between server location and your location.

    Each game server has some set limitations as THEIR listed conditions for the benefit of all gamers to have an even experience, nothing to do with YOUR internet connection, check your firewall's status, check if any antivirus(or if you have multiple antivirus programs with real time protection) program is blocking the game, do some troubleshooting, and then hope for some difference.

    Unfortunately, you might have to reevaluate your choice of servers to those which have a more relaxed criteria and you can continue gaming! Worst case scenario try turning off the antivirus program and see if that is the culprit and redo the excluding process of the game in that program. Other alternative, though not recommended and use as a worst case scenario, try some free game boosting software, IO Bit comes to mind, but do check if there is any Adware related to it, BEFORE you install! These are about all I can think of for now!

    Just a few points I would like to make though:
    Customer care sucks for almost every single service in the country these days so "the grass is NOT greener on the other side!"
    Well YES! You have to be patient with BSNL's so called level of customer service! Their method of working is YOU Have to go to the CSCs near to you and scream your lungs out with proof of the faults, etc and then you will get your issue solved! If not, trust me nothing will happen! Certain things they just are not BRIGHT enough to Comprehend!

    The only reason I'm still sitting with BSNL is still they are cheap and have a few advantages over some absurd or rather restrictive conditions of other ISPs though they may claim to have higher speed cheaper plans, HIGHER FUP, etc and you have to learn to read between the lines very carefully!

    Reliance has its drawbacks of recurring logins and stuff. I don't know what seems to be the problems with their CC and Billing as mentioned in some forums, but I suggest you ask other members in the forum with a Reliance connection regarding the same. I think you have to take everything with a pinch of salt though! Try my approach once and see if they respond. If not it's back to researching the different ISP websites and reading through thoroughly and between the lines to get a feel for what you can expect.

    Things to look out for: Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, FUP, Cost inclusive of tax, Initial/Additional hidden costs, technology used and allowance of single/multiple machines. All the best and hope things get better! Hope this Helps!

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