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Alliance are trying to take off our privacy

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    Default Alliance are trying to take off our privacy by injecting add on Browser Ads in Browser,

    Advertising agencies have been innovating new ways to market their products. Initially Banner Ads, then TV ads, Radio ads, and now the most happening is Web ads. There are many types of web advertisements like Text ads, Image ads, Pop-up ads, Pop-Under ads, many many more.

    But the latest that I discovered today is a concept by This site generates an ad at the bottom of the page whenever a page loads or gets refreshed.


    Now Lets get into Technical Term.

    Cause : - The site generates the following code just below the <body> tag of a website source code

    <div id=”sTREAMrIDE”></div>
    <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

    How it is generated:-
    The reason is still unknown to me. I would request users to update in the comment field if they find it out.

    Solution or How to get rid of it:-
    For Windows – Please navigate to the following path – “C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\“, and edit the file “hosts“. Now add the following line at the bottom of the file -

    Restart the browser, and see the ad to be removed. – SOLVED

    But still if u have FireFox or Chrome just go to any web site like say - Download Free Software

    and right click on anywhere on the page and select Inspect Elements

    and select Body Tag


    Here u go even after implementing

    to host file. still tht add code will be running but will not show in your browser..

    This might seems like ok.. but in some cases.. some java script which are user to show progess bar on some script like rapidleech... wont work.. only because this java script is running in our Browser...

    I have called up alliance send them mail but so far no action been taken... its like they are earning hell of a money by doing this and without asking any permission from user...

    Remove ads injected by ISPs (Asianet in my case) | Dipin Krishna
    just type on google and hit enter u will get many result

    We all who are using alliance and facing simillar problem should ask them to stop injection adds without our permission....

    Im an Alliance Kolkata User
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    quite interesting.... i am using wishnet in kolkata but haven't faced this kind of situation... considering shifting to Alliance/Meghbela....

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