Hello Folks,

Just wanted to check if any of you BEAM users having this issue ?
I could have very well asked the tech support, but i already know the answer i am going to get.
Besides don't want to waste money on endless phone calls before i can talk to someone and their 24 hour rule.

The Issue -
I have the beam cable plug into the wifi router, and the router configured as DHCP.
As far as i know, the router has been configured correctly and i am able to get connection to the primary machine via RJ45
and other laptops and phones through wifi.
Although, every now and then my connection drops and the status at the bottom right on the task bar says "limited connectivity" with a yellow triangle. The remedy i found for this is that i have to login to my router page (
and release and renew the IP. After which the connection gets restored and works fine until after an hour or two or some times with in minutes it drops again. I am finding this really annoying having to release and renew the IP time and again to fix the connection. Any ideas ?

Also some other additional info regarding my router.
I have a Linksys E4200 Dual band router.
My router is configured by BEAM to login automatically so that that i don't have to login every day or after the session
is timed out. I had to give the MAC address of the router to BEAM so that it can be bound internally to an IP in their server so it always keeps me logged in.

Appreciate your insight.