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Wifi Router recommendation for Cable Broadband Chennai.

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    Default Wifi Router recommendation for Cable Broadband Chennai.

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    I recently acquired a Cable broadband connections in Chennai. Surprisingly the ISP do not have website or a proper customer service. But the prices are good
    so i went for it. This is a wired connection with a modem (cable modem?) where it is connected to the computer using a LAN type port. I would to know what kind of wifi router will fit this ( I tried my existing BSNL modem, but it do not have port). Could someone help me out. A Flipkart link will be great. Thanks in advance. Good wishes.
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    You need a cable router. Did you not ask your ISP about what router would go with their modem? Your post actually looks like an advertisment so I am going to trim the edges a bit for you. Hope you wont mind.

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