I am on ion broadband cable connection, mumbai and have qbittorrent installed on laptop. Also I have assigned say port 20000 to access qbittorrent webui.

I am able to access it from within my home network by typing http://<local ip of laptop>:20000

But unable to access from outside the network even after port forwarding.

Another complication which I would like to point out is that my WAN ip and public ip are different.

WAN ip:
Public ip:

Previously when I was on mtnl connection, I was able to access qbittorrent webui by simply typing http://<external ip>:20000

On my current internet connection I am unable to access it in that manner.

Also when i spoke to a technical support guy in the company, he said that they forward all ports from public ip to wan ip but have disabled icmp for security reasons and that is the reason I am unable to access qbittorrent webui in such manner.

Any suggestions to resolve this issue.