Fermi, it has kept us all waiting for a very long time now. Right from the start, we knew its going to be one monster of a card from the Nvidia Camp. With many hurdles, many critical, it seems that we will finally see the Green camp's answer to ATI's evergreen.

Speculations started off last year itself, many said it would have 512 shader cores and till some time, it was almost sure to have that much. But, later on, as rumours spread about the yield and heat issues of the card, that assumption was quickly discarded. Some official "leaked" slides showed that the shaders on the chip had been cut down to some 448 due to really poor yields.But this also, turned out to be false.

We are finally less than 1 week away from the launch of the GTX 400 series cards and we now have confirmed specifications of the two cards - The top Dog -GTX 480 and its little brother - GTX 470

Here are the confirmed specifications of the two cards:

Their performance seems to be on par with the 5850(Vs GTX470) and 5870(Vs GTX480). I really hope these are much faster though, only then will we see a price war.

No, that's not my rig ...

The launch is set to be on 26th march, expect full reviews on the same day.