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Local cable operator earns on novince

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    Default Local cable operator earns on novince

    LCO-local cable operator
    Hathway give their services through the LCO in our areas .2 months ago i wanted a internet connection i wanted an 256kbps unlimited connection
    so i surf through the isp sites i found out that airtel & sify provides the above connection but airtel doesnt provide their services in my area and sify executives never called me instead of repeated call from my side i heard from myfriend that hathway provided unlimited connection I called hathway call centre they told me that the rates were Rs995+taxes(122).And registration +
    cable installation charges were Rs700 which was one time.
    They said that the local cable operator (not hathway) would give me the connection they gave me the number of whom to contact for the connection i.e Mr omprakash (local cable operator (LCO)) .he told me that he would give me the connection atRs2000 (installation) and 995+taxes(122) .I brought to his sight that what hathway representatives told .then he started to give me different excuses that as i stay on fourth floor the cable length would be more and thereby the cost would be more. but i disscus about the matter with my friend and asked other collegues who had hathway connection in their localites about the same they told me the same as the hathway representaives told and again I called the hat call centre for last confimation .
    The local cable operator was trying to shell out some more money from me
    I thought that if i would again approach the LCO he would give either with the
    same price or he will try again another time to shell out the money with other
    reasons .i knew that i would be cheated by the LCO IF not by hathway So i settled with mtnl Night unlimited plan which gives incredible speeds .If
    any one want to go by hathway see that LCO doesnt cheat u.LCO earn money from the customers who dont bother to do small enquiry
    And i hope my experience serves u in choosing a right ISP

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    Thanks for sharing and if hathway cable guys dont change they will keep loosing customers and will soon vanish.

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