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Fake Nokia N95 phone

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    Default Fake Nokia N95 phone

    I saw one of my friendís friend have a N95 which wasnít manufactured by nokia but it looked just like the original nokia cell. This she said was manufactured and imported from china and costs almost half of Nokiaís price.
    But well when it isnít original then it will definitely have some defects !. The camera wasnít clear enough it was around 2MP camera , battery isnít compatible and you have to recharge almost every 3 hours, you donít have T9 English dictionary rather it has simplified Chinese or something called yin pin lol. Video recording isnít consistent. It Powers off automatically sometimes and well it has Nokia written on the panel !
    I guess this is very much illegal but well almost all other features Bluetooth, lcd display, Dual sim are really great, but you need to find compatible software for use and you got to set gprs settings manually too. The audio output is not the best and it supports WAP too.And well whats more it has the cost advantage too!
    Well then all I want to say from this post is please be very careful when you buy such phones especially online you could well be cheated only to discover later that your is a fake !

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    There is a lot of fake products going around in the market, the look like phones. If you are going to purchase your phone online make sure its from a reputed online store, otherwise go and purchase the phone from a shop yourself. Never purchase from unknown sites or places like India Times and others like that.

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    There are so many look alike phones in the market, which you dont see in normal shops, and I have also seen the fake looking phones ads in the newspaper. I think it was an iphone look alike, for those who buy these phones thinking its the original, just need to think that why would such an expensive phone be sold for such a cheap price. We generally see something cheap and think oh wow lets get it before thinking what it actually is.

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    Just think before you buy something, if you know a brand is costly and there is only one place which is selling it dirt cheap, just think there must be something fishy. As a must you must always buy from a reputed place, especially when it comes to branded products.

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