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  1. err......guess u haven't got my whole point. why i was asking for announcement section coz there u can make all the important updates & declaration, only regarding forum. like u made some changes in forum rules, u can drop it there. it will b like massage board for the forum. what i said previously that u can also post explanation abt the mass banning u did. u can put ur reasons for that, so whole forum can see it. & there is no question of debating there, coz normally all the announcements are locked & final. off course this mass banning post can be just one of the announcements in Announcement sections along with many of the others announcements.

    enough said.

  2. Your idea is great but it would only give birth to unnecessary debate... which wont serve any purpose. Those people who were banned will come in with new ids and try to reason and all that stuff.
  3. this is just unbelievable & unfortunate , anyways...u must have thought over it b4 making the decision. i think u shud maintain announcement section where u can put all the imp events & updates regarding forum (like the one that we are talking now)
  4. Some unfortunate events took place and we had to kick out the whole gang out.These people were creating more problems then I could solve and the pace at which they were creating trouble was hard for me to keep up with...

    All that whole gang used to go is congratulate each other for one thing or the other and the last posts area used to be full of crap all the time and all the techies stopped coming to the forum coz of them.

    And these people repeatedly insulted mods for no apparent reason.
  5. i don't get it......y dragon, gotha, npu, kk & many appearing as guest. don't tell me u banned them all
  6. Hii
    All well... just been too busy with work lately
  7. yo admin,
    no news from ur side from long time?
  8. Here comes another thanks.....
  9. Here comes some more weight
  10. Hey thanks for adding some weight to meh "Visitor Messages"
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