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  1. Good night ............
  2. goodnight.......
  3. one more went into moderation..
  4. B.F:- "Bahut choti skirt pehen ke aayi hai, teri Maa ne kuch nahi kaha"?
    g.f:- "Maa bahut gussa huin, boli

    meri skirt pehenti hai?"
  5. thanks... btyw i am using

    (cant use outlook, he is much smarter on his comp dude.. )
  6. thanks alot

    (pm quota exceeded)
  7. news-views-business-world/40153-aarushi-murder-case-new-post

    Hatao yaar isko..
    koi mar gaya hai., logon ko ent chahiye..:|
  8. yes quite annoying and i dont think it stops spams anyways..

    job is very nice.. nice perks and everything.. good money
  9. Hi Mickey, How is everything with you? How's the new job?
  10. hi admin.. ......................
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