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  1. thanks.

    u were the 1st one and last one to congratulate me
  2. nice buddy, 2000 posts
  3. no friend interested in Computers.
    Can u plz come online on gmail?
  4. well, if it still does not work, its a card problem for sure, you got no friend who has a decent comp on whos PC you can try the card ?
  5. Its 4117 na on lynx-india!

    And are u sure that the prob will get solved if i get a new PSU.

    I will have to win the contest and get 4K.
  6. arey beta, i was rebooting my PC. If you are fine spending so much, nothing like it, the GP650W is a goof PSU. Just make sure you get the AA (GP 650AA)
  7. I am thinking now of Glacial Power 650w for 4K.Also empty ur PM box now.
  8. Mere aate hi chale gaye gmail pe
  9. come online on gtalk.
  10. hey plz fast!!!!!
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